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[w]Ël[k]Üm tÖ thË [g5cÖØlkÜtËgÏrL] ==»»aDmÏn[jÜn]nÏË kÜtË

hAppY dAy!!!!!!!!! sỐng lÀ đỂ lẬp nhÓm g5...kOa' g5 cuỘc sÔng mỚi* tU*O*i +)Ẹp.... kakakaka
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PostSubject: [INTRO]JUNG YUNHO PROFILE   [INTRO]JUNG YUNHO PROFILE EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 12:59 pm

Birth name Jung Yunho
Also known as 유노윤호, 瑜鹵允浩 (U-Know Yunho), ユンホ (Yunho)
Born February 6, 1986 (1986-02-06) (age 23), Gwangju, South Korea
Genres Pop, R&B
Occupations Singer, dancer, rapper, model, actor
Years active 2003-present
Labels SM Entertainment, Rhythm Zone
Associated acts SM Town, TVXQ

1. Is the best fighter.
2. He has the deepest thoughts.
3. he likes to write stories especially when it is raining. *so romantic... *
4. he took on numerous odd jobs to pay for his sisters tution fees during the ninth grade.Some of them were:sprinkling snow with sand so that people do not slip and tying up bottles for recycling.(this was during korea's depression)He also used to sleep in the train station.(he didnt care where he slept last time because during that time he thought that having enough sleep is the most important.)
5. He had his tooth fixed because he said it was bothering him and his singing. *really??*
6. He can reach the lowest in the group. *but he's the second tallest??*
7. during debut he was the fatest in the group and he had man boobs o_0 lol(Ya shim man man)He had to do special exercise to get fat away around THAT area.
8. sleeps diagonally. *me too*
9. he wakes up the earliest and wakes the other members. * according to some UFO replies...it's Changmin that wakes everyone up...*
10. he LOVES little children.He wants to have 25 kids..you should think twice before becoming his wife hahah:P *...that's a little too much...*
11. he loves music.he has written a song 'spokesman'.It is a rock-ish song.It's mostly rapping.I recommend you on listening because he screamed WOAH!!power.(he performed it in their rising sun concert and in a episode of NEW XMAN.)
12. he is responsible.
13. he is very dedicated in his career.
14. he wants to be a PD if he was not a singer.
15. his first performance was not with dbsk but it was in dana's diamond.
16. people mistake him to be with Dana but he said clearly that they were just very close friends.Dana also said they were just friends.
17. he has two scars on his face.
18. he admires the girl from the drama my sassy girl. *lucky girl...*
19. he used to be quite short. *how short...?*
20. he is very competitive.(He said that he is competitive not that he WANTS to win but he said that he always tries his best in everything he do because he wants to lose without feeling that he could have done better.)
21. has a mole on the left side of his mouth.
22. is christian.I'm guessing his catholic because he goes to catholic university.
23. he does not like to cry in public.
24. he can do break dance. *that's obvious right?*
25. he wears glasses. *he does?? *
26. he says he his flaw is his small face. * believe me, it's not...your face is fine, yunho oppa...*
27. he has 4 piercings.
28. he has NO tatoos.
29. he smokes/use to smoke.It is unknown whether he stopped.
30. members say that he is very manly and very sexy in a manly way.All members respect him alot.
31. He is the only member that was never mistaken to be a girl.(LOL) *absolutely*
32. he likes to tease girls until they cry.For a good example watch the special Xman episode with Yuri hahahaha..LOL
33. During the scene in Yunho's Tokyo Holiday where he was saying that he was the best member in DBSK(LOL Micky is a playboy,Jaejoong loves to comb Barbie dolls hair and Max and Xiah LOL LOL!!!)Yunho was afraid to say he was the best and he felt awkward.(he was afraid the other members will get angry at him.)
34. he was poisoned by the anti-fan during the filming of heroin 6.He was so kind he did not want to press charges on that girl because he said the girl was almost same age with his sister. * *
35. (I think it was him)Some of the members from super junior(I forgot which one)knew that Yunho bought a leather jacket.They told Yunho that to know whether the jacket was fake or real he had to burn it.Of course they were kidding.But Yunho really burn the jacket and bye bye jacket. *...poor him...no poor the jacket....*
36. he likes to steal food from the other members.
37. he actually has a korean dialect.
38. he has one younger sister and a dad and mom.His dad and mom used to be fighting to become school president.In the end they fell in love with each other) *ah...so romantic...*
39. Yunho was supposed to debut in a 5 or 4 member group with Jaejoong and the others were super junior members. *that group was supposed to be Four seasons...with Heechul and KangIn from Suju...*
40. Yunho takes a LONG time in the shower.Xiah says that he sings at least 3 songs and does 3 dance routines in the bathroom(LOL) **
41. his mini looks very up to him and wants to be like Yunho when he grows up. *that's good for him...*
42. Yunho used to teach dancing. *handsome teacher...*
43. Yunho(or jaejoong)asks Xiah for advice on how to have expression during singing.
44. Yunho(and/or Xiah)gets very serious before a performance so DON'T TALK TO HIM.hahaha...
45. after a very stressful day of work Yunho was walking I think in his hallway than he saw a little girl holding a doll.And he cried.Micky was with him but Micky did not see the 'dirty thing' but he also cried(LOL). *the dirty thing? what's that?*
46. Yunho was caught wacthing 'special videos' and he said it was a school assignment. *how special??*
47. Yunho brings his bambi doll everywhere he goes...(he call's it his daughter).

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