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hAppY dAy!!!!!!!!! sỐng lÀ đỂ lẬp nhÓm g5...kOa' g5 cuỘc sÔng mỚi* tU*O*i +)Ẹp.... kakakaka
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 lInh' mỚi kŨa sM nAk` pA` kOn!!!!!!

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PostSubject: lInh' mỚi kŨa sM nAk` pA` kOn!!!!!!   Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:35 pm

f(x) is the new girl group from SM Entertainment which debuted this September 1st with their 1st digital single LA cha TA.

The Asian pop dance group ‘f(x)’ is made up of international members including Korean members—Sulli, Luna, Krystal—and Chinese members—Amber (Chinese American), and Victoria. Their group name ‘f(x)’ is uniquely written like the mathematical symbol for ‘function’, which portrays the members’ passion to unfold eclectic performances throughout not only Korea but also Asia based on their various talents that could be applied in to the equation as ‘x’, to yield unexpected results.

From: f(x) official website

more after cut
Victoria is really beautiful (i think she is the leader…do correct me if i’m mistaken)

looks so much like her sister Jessica (from SNSD). Also the maknae of the group (though Sulli looks like the youngest on these pics)

loving her. coolest for me (as of now). and look it’s only 13 days till she turns 17. Wow same year as I was born.

And here are the pictures from CHAPTER 1 of the Gallery section off their official website.

group pics

I think they are a young group (well, except for Victoria) they a 1992, a 1993 and two 1994 ladies…really young. Wonder if they will go to school or – like Seungri of Big Bang and Minzy of 2NE1 – they won’t (most probably not, just pass that particular test that will benefit them a high school diploma).

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lInh' mỚi kŨa sM nAk` pA` kOn!!!!!!
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