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PostSubject: xiah junsu oppa   xiah junsu oppa EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 6:44 pm

Real Name: Kim Jun Su

Stage Names: Xiah, Xiah JunSu, JunSu

Birthdate: December 15, 1986 (Registered on January 1, 1987)

Birthplace: Kyung Gi Do, South Korea

Family: Mother, father and a twin brother (Junho)

Height: 180 cm (5'10.9")

Weight: 60 kg(132 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Position: Vocals - Middle high - Tenor

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Soccer

Specialties:Singing, Dancing, Guitar

Favorite Artist: Brian McKnight, Bi (Rain), KangTa

Instruments:Guitar, Piano

Piercings: Ears

He has said in an interview that he went through a very rough stage of puberty, when his voice was changing.

He has a twin brother, Junho.

He has sensitive teeth, and he says they hurt when he eats ice cream. (TVXQ Bigeastation)

He is left-handed.

Junsu was famously known in Japan during 2007 for his "Oyagi Gags" (literally meaning "Old-man gags") in Japanese. He was requested to do them on almost every single show in Japan during 2007, as Japanese found it amusing that a Korean new to Japan was doing original jokes

Junsu wears briefs because it`s `uncomfortable` wearing boxers when he`s dancing.

Junsu wears loose clothing when he goes to sleep.

Junsu takes after his dad.

Jaejoong and Junsu lend each other's underwear.

When he is surrounded by fans his face will become red!

He can't stand straight and likes to move when standing, so don't be surprised if he starts a dancing 'wave' suddenly.

He hates people who pull on his hair.

He doesn"t like carbonated drinks and likes to drink "nutritious drinks".

He has sensitive skin.

He will become very excited if people talk to him about soccer.

He drinks nutritious drinks to protect his voice.

He will get angry if people talk to him about adult films!

He likes to work and is very dedicated to it but the group's schedule is very busy so he doesn't mind resting

When he is tired after working and he is asked or starts talking to someone about soccer he will get very excited again.

JunSu is best friends with Eun Hyuk from Super Junior.

He likes to eat chicken.

Junsu's dad named both Junsu and Junho (Junsu's twin brother). Junho was given the name Junho because he looked more masculine. Junsu was named Junsu because he was prettier.

He never stands still when he's talking, he always moves about and he apparently (according to his mother) likes to moonwalk to the bathroom.

He has never fought with his brother.

He was a good student in school.

He never needed to be spanked as a child.

He tells his mother that he loves her and kisses her often, and often puts hearts in his text messages to her.

He never really wet his bed, but the last time he did was when he was 6.

His mother spilled hot soup on the back of his neck when he was younger, but it didn't leave a scar.

He is the one who persuaded HERO to dye his hair blonde in 2007

In the 2006 DBSK house tour, we were told Xiah goes and lies in-front of the bathroom mirror to reflect on something bad or when he wants to punish himself

His chilhood dream is to become a soccer player.

Does not like to do things around the house, he often asks other members to do his chores for him
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xiah junsu oppa
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