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 091016 Kim Jung Eun Chocolate - TVXQ's Uncut Perfomance To Be Released

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PostSubject: 091016 Kim Jung Eun Chocolate - TVXQ's Uncut Perfomance To Be Released   Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:51 pm

SBS show Kim Jung Eun Chocolate will be showing TVXQ, Big Bang, Lee Junki and many more other top star's performances on the show, including the performances that were cut out.

The episode of Kim Jung Eun Chocolate on the 17th of October will be an 'encore' special, showing the passionate performances that were only experienced by the audience there that day.

There were around 1000+ audiences during this period, that came together with the artists, but due to the time constraints, it wasn't able to be broadcasted, so these clips will be shown in the encore special.

In this encore special, you can see the fantastic and heart-stopping performance of Lee Junki and Ju Jinmo, as well as TVXQ's performance.

In TVXQ's broadcast, "Balloons", YoungWoong Jaejoong and Choikang Changmin's solo stage will be revealed, as well as Big Bang and Nobrain's stage, these were all cut from the original broadcast, and shown in the encore special.

From 'goddess' Shin Mina's clothes to hallyu star Lee Junki's jeans, stars have started action towards their love of animals by using their own possessions. The "4th Star's Possessions sharing love auction activity" started for the 2nd time on the 16th.

Until this month's 22nd, Lotte's "4th Star's Possessions sharing love auction activity" will sell the actress coined goddess, Shin Mina's jacket and dress worn from one of her CF's, and products such as Lee Junki's jeans worn from the movie "May 18".

At the same time, it will also auction Han Ga-in's brand jacket from "Witch Yoohee". Popular group TVXQ's member, Choikang Changmin while being busy in Japan, has a 'learning japanese book' with his notes in there from learning the language.


The starting price for the items are 1000won, with the units being in 1000won until the highest bidder wins either the star's item or an item from the backup items. This times profit will all be donated to charity and we encourage everyone to care more about animals and take proper action with a charity fund.

If film fans could become casting directors and cast celebrities in various movies, who would they go after first? To find out more about this thought, a survey was taken based on the question 'Who would you like to see enter the movie industry, and who would you discourage?' on 24 celebrities including twelve idol singers.

The star who received the most encouragements on entering the movie industry was TVXQ's U-Know Yunho receiving 33% of all votes in the survey. Stating that he showed potential in the drama <Heading to the Ground>, all the teenage girls gave him their votes. The majority of Japanese female fans also gave U-Know Yunho their support and one Japanese film fan in her 30s stated, "I visit Korea frequently as I am a Hallyu fan and these days, TVXQ is very popular in Japan," and gave insight into Japan's reception of TVXQ.

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu has made a surprise appearance in the Mexican drama 'Forever Tomorrow (Manana es para siempre)'.

'Forever Tomorrow' is a popular Mexican drama that began airing on October 20th, 2008. In this drama, Direcetor Nicandro Diaz Gonzalez photoshopped Junsu into a picture for one of the scenes because he liked the group.

The scene in question involves the lead role showing his girlfriend a graduation picture with Junsu photoshopped in and telling her that Junsu was a friend of his in high school.

Fans said, "There must be a lot of TVXQ fans in Mexico," and "The person who photoshopped his picture in, and the person who spotted it are geniuses."

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PostSubject: Re: 091016 Kim Jung Eun Chocolate - TVXQ's Uncut Perfomance To Be Released   Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:22 pm

wow love it
its look really fantastic
wow lyly thanks for sharing with us
thank you
love u~ santa
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091016 Kim Jung Eun Chocolate - TVXQ's Uncut Perfomance To Be Released
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